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This website aims to provide information on the activities implemented by Plus PM Co. Ltd. (hereinafter "our company") Please note the following terms of use when you use the website.


Copyrights and other rights related to our company's website and texts, graphics, designs, trademarks, logos, etc. published on our website (hereinafter "website data") are owned by our company, the author who created them, or any other right holders (hereinafter "copyright owner"). Any reproduction, sending, distribution, amendment, deletion, etc. of the website data without copyright owner's permission are considered as violation of the Copyright Act, except in the case of printing, saving, etc. of the website data for personal use or utilization permitted by the Copyright Act. Please contact us in advance to obtain permission. Please note that our company reserves the right to refuse the use of some content of the website.

About the Content

The content of the website data is not guaranteed although it is handled by us with great care. We are not responsible for any damages suffered for your use of our website data. Please note that content of the website data may be subject to change, modification, or discontinuation without prior notice.

About the Links

Our company does not guarantee the content of any linked site (hereinafter "other site") as we do not manage such site. We assume no responsibility for any damages that may occur due to the content or the use of other sites.

Links to Our Company's Website

If you wish to set our company link in your website, please inform us in advance of the user's name, contact number, e-mail address, URL for the link, our URL where the link will be set, and the date the user will start setting up the link. In this case, permission may not be granted in the event of publication that may mislead viewers into believing that there is a cooperative relationship between the companies, existence of risks that could damage reputation of our company, or publication against public order and morals.

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