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Plus PM's Advantages

Plus PM, with offices in Japan and ASEAN region (Malaysia and Vietnam), is one of the few firms capable of providing project / construction management consultation for domestic and overseas projects from a global perspective.
For those of you who are considering construction projects in Japan, we would like to introduce our strengths and the advantages of hiring a construction management consultant. Please also refer to our website dedicated to ASEAN region.

Take advantage of having offices in Japan and overseas

The number of projects we have managed in ASEAN and Europe is over 100. In addition to differences in business practices and values, there are many construction-related differences between Japan and other countries. We have deep understanding of differences between construction projects in Japan and overseas. Thus, we can provide appropriate advice on the key points of the contractor selection outline and the essentials of preparing construction contract documents. For example, the FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) Conditions of Contract for Construction clearly specifies responsibilities, whereas they are not clearly defined in contract documents commonly used in Japan. We understand such features of both, and provide advice from the client's perspective when preparing a contract.

Support constructing a profitable facility from a management's perspective

Construction projects have significant impacts on business operations because of their high investment costs. To make a project successful, it is important to develop a highly accurate basic concept and project plan in the initial phase of a project.

Our staff with marketing, financial planning and tax knowledge as well as expertise in design and construction will understand your management policy and planning and business details, and assist in developing a project plan. We not only optimize the scale of construction and project costs, but also develop a project plan to enhance profitability.

Concept plan &
Construction plan

Project cost estimation

Project Master Schedule

Realize facility planning that takes into account management and operations

For a client, completion of a building is not a goal but a starting point. The true success of a construction project is to construct a facility that takes into consideration its management and operation, and can smoothly propel the business forward.

Our staff who are well-versed in facility usage and industry-specific standards and laws draft facility planning. We provide appropriate project management with deep understanding of client's business, such as optimization of production lines in a factory, achievement of GLP-compliant facilities in a research institute, and staff flow lines at an outpatient area in a hospital.

In addition to pursuing optimization of a facility at present, we develop a plan that can accommodate future facility renovations along with changes in market conditions and business environment to construct a facility that can be used for a long time.

Make our client's visions real based on our extensive experience in construction order placement

As professionals in construction ordering, we utilize all types of ordering methods to help you lead your project to successful completion.

We can maximize project benefits and manage risks by selecting a suitable ordering system for your project, including design-bid-build, in which the design and construction services are separately provided by an architectural firm and a construction company respectively, and design-build, in which design and construction services are contracted by a construction company, as well as ECI system and cost-on system.

In addition to construction specialists such as architects and contractors, we also work closely with professionals who are well versed in relevant industries such as food production management consultants and medical management consultants to help build a system that will contribute to a success of a project.

Early establishment and solid management of construction quality, cost and schedule

We have a large number of architectural engineers who previously worked for architectural firms and major general contractors, and we can establish construction quality, cost, and schedule at an early point based on our extensive experience, and wide range of skills and knowledge. Plus PM's involvement from an initial phase ensures solid management of quality, cost and schedule that have been established in the basic concept phase, contributing to the success of your project.

Coordination among project stakeholders and reporting

There is a limit to how much time and cost overseas clients can spend on a construction project in Japan if they try to be intensively involved in the project.

In addition to an architectural firm and a construction company, the project involves IT/production equipment specialists, as well as an asset management company, which requires a variety of tasks such as coordination of interfaces and work schedules. We coordinate with stakeholders on behalf of you and report on status as appropriate, thereby reducing burdens on you and ensuring smooth progress of a project.

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