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Support driving the project
forward from a management's perspective

Many clients considering construction or real estate investment in Japan are concerned that they have no employees with experience in overseas projects, that they do not understand Japanese construction practices and regulations, and that they are unsure how to proceed with a project.
Based on an understanding of the client's project policies and issues, we support driving a construction project forward to completion through site selection, basic concept development, basic planning, contractor selection, and quality check during construction. We also coordinate with manufacturing equipment manufacturers, building operators, maintenance companies, and financial institutions to meet your needs. We work on projects with the aim of maximizing our clients' profits, “always from a management's perspective”.


1Site selection / basic planning phase
Comprehensive support for the entire project planning and decision-making on project implementation

Highly accurate basic planning in an initial phase of a project is critical to a success of construction and real estate investment projects.
We understand our clients' business policies and facility concepts, and assist in start-up of their projects through a comprehensive study of construction plans, costs, and schedules. When we participate in a project from purchase of an existing building and site selection, we also provide assistance with relevant regulations, infrastructure status, building/land inspection, and due diligence.

Services in the basic concept / basic planning phase include:

  • Support for basic policy formulation
  • Preparation of construction plan
  • Support for overall project schedule creation
  • Provision of up-to-date cost information
  • Support for preparation of project/construction budget documents
  • Project risk identification
  • Site selection consulting and building survey

2Consultant selection / design phase
Design optimization, and cost control to ensure design fits within a target budget

Based on understanding of the project's features, we assist in selecting a most suitable architectural firm. Once design phase starts, we confirm, from time to time, design details and consistency with construction budget with consideration for facility operation from client's perspective. We propose design improvement (VE: value engineering) to keep design within a target budget.
Concerning applications for a building permit and other permits, we check progresses of application processing and provide advice to relevant parties.

Services in design phase include:

  • Architectural firm selection and proposal process management
  • Design document review and improvement proposal
  • Checking on progress of permit application processing and confirming application schedule
  • Construction cost proposals / VE proposals

3Phase of order placement to construction company and procurement
Proposing an optimum ordering system, ensuring principle of competition, and supporting cost reduction efforts

A phase of order placement to a construction company and procurement is a critical one in construction budget control, quality assurance, and schedule management.
We identify, propose, and proceed with an ordering system that meets client's requirements and optimizes cost, quality and schedule. We optimize construction costs by ensuring a competitive pricing environment through bidding, analyzing using our own cost database, proposing design improvements, evaluating estimates, and negotiating prices.

Services in order placement / procurement phase include:

  • Study and proposal of optimum ordering method
  • Contract management
  • Introduction of reliable construction companies, and screening of tender participation eligibility
  • Preparation of request for proposal
  • Evaluation of tenders
  • Tender price comparison/evaluation and price negotiation
  • Confirmation of construction contract details and advice

4Construction Phase
Strict adherence to quality, schedule, and cost

In order to accomplish a project as originally planned, our staff with extensive on-site experience will regularly visit a site to check quality of construction in key areas and provide corrective instructions as necessary.

We help bring a project to completion within budget and as scheduled by monitoring site status whether construction quality meets client's requirements, whether construction is being implemented according to drawings, and whether construction progress is being reported appropriately.

Construction phase services include:

  • Support for construction quality check
  • Schedule confirmation
  • Work progress report (schedule/quality/cost)
  • Confirmation of design changes and review of additional costs, and progress billing assessment
  • Attendance at interim inspection and completion inspection
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